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Passionate – Dedicated – Professional

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In the context of curtain wall companies, the relationship between on-site exploration, design, and tracking production is crucial for successful project execution.

  • On-site exploration: Assessing project site and gathering information.

  • Design: Translating requirements into detailed plans.

  • Tracking production: Monitoring manufacturing process.

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On-site exploration

On-site exploration involves conducting a thorough assessment of the project site to gather relevant information and understand the specific requirements and constraints. This includes evaluating the architectural design, structural considerations, environmental factors, and other site-specific conditions. On-site exploration helps the curtain wall company gain insights into the project’s context and challenges, enabling them to make informed decisions during the design and production phases.


The design phase is where the curtain wall company translates the project requirements and on-site exploration findings into a detailed design plan. This involves creating technical drawings, 3D models, and specifications that outline the curtain wall system’s configuration, materials, dimensions, and installation details. The design phase considers factors such as aesthetics, structural integrity, energy efficiency, acoustic performance, and compliance with building codes and regulations. It is crucial for the design to align with the project’s vision and requirements, as identified during the on-site exploration.

Tracking production

Once the design is finalized, the curtain wall company proceeds with the production phase. Tracking production involves closely monitoring and managing the manufacturing process to ensure that the curtain wall components are fabricated according to the design specifications. This includes overseeing the sourcing of materials, quality control during fabrication, testing, and assembly. Tracking production ensures that the curtain wall system is manufactured accurately, meets the required standards, and is ready for installation on-site.