Reimagining Urban Landscapes: SUNFRAME Elevates AppleOne Equicom Tower with Innovative Curtain Wall Solutions

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SUNFRAME proudly contributed its expertise to the iconic AppleOne Equicom Tower project in Cebu, Philippines, enhancing both its aesthetic appeal and functionality. Covering an expansive area of 2400 square meters, our team meticulously crafted and installed state-of-the-art curtain wall systems, including the sophisticated Invisible Curtain Wall and high-quality ACP Cladding.

Situated in the heart of Cebu City, AppleOne Equicom Tower stands tall as a beacon of modernity and versatility within a thriving mixed-use development. With 17 floors encompassing residential, commercial, and parking spaces, this PEZA-accredited marvel caters to a diverse array of businesses, particularly BPO and KPO companies. Its strategic location boasts seamless accessibility to Mactan International Airport, major road networks, and vibrant shopping and entertainment destinations, underscoring its prominence in the region's skyline.

SUNFRAME's curtain wall solutions seamlessly integrate with the tower's architectural vision, embodying innovation, durability, and aesthetic sophistication. Our Invisible Curtain Wall technology not only elevates the building's exterior appeal but also ensures optimal natural light penetration and energy efficiency, fostering an ideal environment for productivity and comfort within office and residential spaces alike. Complemented by ACP Cladding, our solutions offer superior weather resistance and structural integrity, safeguarding the tower against the elements while maintaining its sleek appearance.

As Cebu continues to thrive as a hub for global corporations such as JP Morgan Chase, NEC, Olympus, Taiyo Yuden, and Timex, AppleOne Equicom Tower stands as a testament to the city's progressive spirit and SUNFRAME's unwavering commitment to excellence in construction and design. With our cutting-edge solutions seamlessly integrated into this architectural masterpiece, SUNFRAME continues to redefine standards in the construction industry, enhancing urban landscapes and enriching lives around the world.

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