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Unitized curtain wall: the complete curtain wall structure is made of all kinds ofpanelsand supporting frames and basic components lt can directly install on themainstructure of the buildingUnitized curtain wall main classification: unitizedcurtain wall system and semi-curtainwall system.Characteristics of unitized curtain wall system:

Enhanced Convenience

Extensive processing and preparatory work are executed at the factory, resulting in reduced on-site curtain wall construction and project duration.

Enhanced Stability

The yin and yang mosaic connection method between units demonstrates robust adaptability to main structural displacements。

  1. The height of unitized curtain wall is the height of the floorsiab, the width isgenerallyabout 1.2 meters to 1.5 meters.if it is convenient installation. lt can be directly hung on embedded parts of thefloorslab
  2. Put the glass, aluminium panel or other materials together and assemble inthefactory will promote the degree of building industrialization.
  3. Because the unit parts in the process of the whole assembly are easy to checkinthe factory, it is useful to ensure the overall quality of the diversification, toensure thequality of the curtain wall
  4. Unitized curtain wall installs from the lower floor to the upper floor. Therefore, ltcanbe simultaneously constructed with civil work and greatly shorten the projectperiod.

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Unitlzed curtain wall needs to use high-tech design principles, thecontractorrequires a certain advanced designers and equipment, Only thecompany withstrength has the ability to build the unitized curtain wall.


elevating the building’s overall beauty and delivering a distinctive visual impact.


High-quality glass, insulation and sealing systems can reduce energy losses

Unitized curtain wall requires high technology components and thealuminiumprofile shape is more complex. lt demands a large amount ofaluminum, so the cost isslightly higher than frame type curtain wall.

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