Innovating Workspaces: SUNFRAME’s Collaborative Endeavor with RealSteel Corporation Office

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Located in the bustling district of Lungsod Quezon, Philippines, the RealSteel Corporation Office exemplifies modernity and functionality. SUNFRAME, a pioneer in aluminum and steel solutions, has partnered with RealSteel to provide a range of architectural elements tailored to their dynamic workspace requirements.

SUNFRAME's contribution to the RealSteel Corporation Office encompasses a diverse array of products, including a spacious curtain wall covering 890 square meters, elegant aluminum decorative strips spanning 426 square meters, versatile windows, doors, and louvers totaling 331 square meters, and a sleek steel frame glass canopy extending over 212 square meters.

The integration of SUNFRAME's premium solutions enhances the office's aesthetic appeal while optimizing natural light penetration and energy efficiency. Our curtain wall systems offer expansive views of the surrounding urban landscape, fostering a productive and inspiring work environment for RealSteel's employees.

Moreover, the aluminum decorative strips add a touch of sophistication to the office facade, reflecting RealSteel's commitment to innovation and design excellence. The windows, doors, and louvers provided by SUNFRAME ensure seamless functionality and durability, contributing to the overall efficiency and comfort of the workspace.

As a trusted partner, SUNFRAME is dedicated to delivering solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients. Our collaboration with RealSteel Corporation Office exemplifies our commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, setting new standards in workplace design and construction.

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