Transforming Urban Spaces: SUNFRAME’s Signature Touch at City Mall, Cebu

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In the bustling cityscape of Cebu, Philippines, City Mall emerges as a vibrant hub of commerce and community. SUNFRAME, renowned for its expertise in aluminum construction, has left an indelible mark on this landmark project, enriching its architectural appeal and functionality.

Covering an area of 560 square meters, SUNFRAME's installation of a 120 Frame Curtain Wall at City Mall sets a new standard for modernity and elegance. This sleek and versatile curtain wall system seamlessly integrates with the mall's facade, offering both structural integrity and aesthetic charm.

Additionally, SUNFRAME has supplied and installed 50 Aluminum Windows, ensuring optimal ventilation and natural light penetration throughout the mall's interior spaces. Complementing these windows are Stainless Glass Handrails, adding a touch of sophistication and safety to staircases and walkways.

As a cornerstone of Cebu's urban landscape, City Mall stands as a testament to SUNFRAME's commitment to excellence and innovation in aluminum construction. Our collaboration with this iconic project underscores our dedication to transforming urban spaces into thriving centers of activity and connectivity.

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In 2016, honored as “National Contract-abiding and Creditworthy Enterprise”. Contributed to industry standards: “Aluminum alloy wood grain profile”, “Portable aluminum alloy ladder”, “Aluminum alloy profiles for roof and bridge structures”

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